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The Torch Has Been Passed.
Sep 29, 09 12:08 AM
Forums Should be fixed!
Sep 24, 09 3:32 PM
Veterans Invades Aion!
Sep 22, 09 4:58 PM
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Welcome to the new Veterans website!  Its still a work in progress, but it is now fully subscribed for the next six months!  I'll be working on the site a couple of hours a day until I get it right.  So kick back, crack open a cold beer, and hang out for a while!  Welcome home, Veterans!

-Zulk, Leader of Veterans Everquest 

-Medik, Leader of Veterans Aion

The Torch Has Been Passed.

usmedik, Sep 29, 09 12:08 AM.
This week, Zulk assumed leadership of the Everquest shard of Veterans.  The Everquest shard is the "original" Veterans, and so its a heavy crown laid on his head in a guild full of equals.  The direction and shape of Veterans Everquest is now completely in the hands of him and his very capable officers!  I'm excited to see which direction the guild takes, and I'll be here to scribe their progress (because lets face it, their going to get shit done!)


Forums Should be fixed!

usmedik, Sep 24, 09 3:32 PM.
There was an issue with the forums showing double of everything.  This issue should now be fixed.  Let me know if its still showing everything twice!

Veterans Invades Aion!

usmedik, Sep 22, 09 4:58 PM.
As Aion launched in the states and other countries today, Veterans has already established a firm foothold as a casual guild on the Nezekan server!  More details in the coming days!
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